1x Samsung Galaxy S4 3000mAh Battery + Battery Charger

  • True 3000mAh Battery in the market
  • Compatible with all Galaxy S4 models.
  • Includes: 1x battery / 1 World’s Fastest AC wall Charger (Output 600mA) with USB Port (Output: 1000mA) / 1 user manual
  • In House Properitary Battery Design to maximize battery capacity

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Highest capacity Galaxy S4 slim battery in the market @ 3000mAh capacity- 200mAh more than original capacity

Fastest Galaxy S4 battery charger in the market with USB output for your phone cable

180 days warranty with our 100% Zero Lemon (Defect) Promise

Whether you are on the road or on the plane, you will always need more power for your phone. ZeroLemon brings the highest capacity Galaxy S4 3000mAh slim batteries while keeping your slim phone profile. You can use all your original cases and not worry of any extended sizes anymore.

*Actual battery life will vary depending on your hardware and software configurations and network conditions.

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Dimensions 3.28 x 2.24 x 0.19 in