9H Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy Note 2


  • Provides protection to your phone.
  • View your screen with ultimate clarity and touch screen sensitivity.
  • Precisely Cut with Rounded Edges.


Cell Phone screens are expensive. To replace your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 II screen could cost upwards of $200. Make your screen scratch, chip and shatter proof for a fraction of the price.

Your phone is an investment. Your phone is worth more than just the money it cost to purchase. Your phone has to be functional for everday life. Don’t let that screen break! Protect your phone with the highest quality Ultra Glass Armor.

ZeroLemon® is a proven lifestyle brand. ZeroLemon® stands for Best in Class for any product it manufacturers. Rest assured you are going to get major value out of this screen protector.


Protection from high impact drops.

Protection from chipping and scratches.

Highest display clarity.

Greatest touch screen accuracy.

Bubble Free Application.

Package Contents:

One (1) ZeroLemon Ultra Glass Armor Screen Protector.

Alcohol Swab

Microfiber Cloth

Lifetime Replacement Warranty.


  • Dimension: 5 x 0.7 x 3 inches
  • Weight: 1.6 oz
  • Y Sku: Y281
  • UPC: 4897010513011



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Weight 50 g
Dimensions 5.74 x 2.98 x 0.01 in